Switching Hosting Providers

Hello there fellow HomieLivers...

It's that time. It's time to switch hosting providers once again because of an issue with the secure connections on some of the websites. I'm not going to spend $75.00 per year per website for SSL licensing when I can pay nothing and get a SSL license for some of my clients.

I'm switching the domains over to A2 Hosting, which is based in different areas across the country, but with the cost that I'll be spending, it'll be better for all who visit the websites, plus a savings for some of the web clients. They will all be secure and happy to have them be secure.

The Boise Traffic Camera network was the first website to switch over to A2 hosting. The main homielive.us and other domains will be moved over in time once the plugins for WordPress are setup and that the data can be easily moved over.

I'm not going to take them all over at once. They will go over in time. By January 19th, all websites should be online on the new hosting and I can remove the hosting from my current hosting provider, saving me $13.99/month and an anticipated $75.00/year for SSL licensing...

Happy New Year!

More to come!