Computers, Jobs, and a lot of tension...

Good afternoon fellow HomieLivers, welcome back to the website.

I wanted to give you an update on a few things that are going on with me.

EMPLOYMENT AND JOB HUNT: I lost my job with Health Services on March 31st. I was getting burned out with the job in which I was being transitioned to. I have received the go-ahead by the Idaho Department of Labor to receive Unemployment Benefits, and have been looking for work every day since I got let go.  I have applied to near 50 businesses and continuing to apply until a job offer is in my hands for a job that God wants for me to have that will allow me to share my talents and abilities. If you could, please pray for me.  I will not go towards using GoFundMe because since I love my Lord so much, he will help me with a job. I have surrendered my job hunt to Him. Please be praying for me to find the right job.

WEBSITE LAYOUT: As you have noticed, the website has been updated a little bit.  I've added a new page for my C64 BBS that I currently run. It is a flashback for many who have used an old Internet technology known as "Telnet" and it is still active for thousands of different BBS systems across the world. If you want to see my BBS information, click on "System One BBS" above and you can use the Flash Telnet app that has been installed to connect to the BBS directly. Enjoy your journey into yesteryear with an authentic Commodore 64 BBS.

If you want to see other Telnet systems: Visit http://telnetbbsguide.com/

Thank you for stopping in, and I hope that you all have a very blessed week.

Take care one and all,