New Project; C64 BBS!

Good afternoon all!

It's been roughly 20 years since I have done anything with a Commodore 64.  It was just sitting in the closet after an online friend traded for some software that I had for a system, which included a 5 1/4 inch disk drive, known as the 1541 disk drive.

I have been really thinking about what I could do with it, so I decided that I am going to put up a BBS here in the office.  I have a ATEC monitor which provides a good screen quality, and a uIEC/SD device from Retro Innovations.

IT IS NOW ONLINE! Telnet to systemone.ddns.net port 6400. Use a program like CGTERM, SyncTerm or click here for a Flash Telnet app.
Enjoy the view from the office, and I'll chat at you all very soon.

Much love and Blessings,

Happy Fall!

Good afternoon all!

I have upgraded my website to show the beauties of Fall! I have disabled some of the code and re-set some code.

I hope that you all enjoy the update!



Changed the WebCammunity...

Good afternoon, thanks for stopping by!

Made some changes to the WebCammunity, including sending away the Bogus Basin Cam (secured connection) and the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Northern Idaho, and replaced with the camera from the currently being built Jack's Urban Meeting Place, or JUMP, which is in Downtown Boise.  This is a unique place being dedicated by the owner of Sinplot, JR Simplot, as a place for meetings and having fun..

Also, I added two webcams connected with the National Weather Service in Boise, near the Airport.

If you have any webcams that I can share, please send them along, that would be awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend, take care..



Happy 2016!

Welcome to 2016! I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead.