What happened? You're not moving anymore?

Good morning everyone.

I have a story about those who decide that they didn't get the facts straight, they didn't affirm that certain units in a complex were available at the time that I wanted to switch apartments, however I am not going to get super open about what happened.  If you want that level of answer as to what happened, I need you to communicate with me privately.

Back about 2 weeks ago, I received an e-mail and communication with the management here at my apartment complex, because I was looking for a cooler apartment, because of the continued issues with heat and frustration of living in a heat box every summer for the last 2 years. They said, "Yes, we have just the right apartment for you. It is on the ground floor, it faces north, and it is much cooler, and it's only going to cost you $775.00 a month to live there."  I said, "Cool, let me see what I can do to get the deposit paid so that I can secure this awesome apartment, and I'm looking forward to moving around the 27th of August."

On Monday, August 15th, I received an e-mail from the manager of the apartment complex in short saying, "Umm, I'm sorry to tell you this, but the unit that you were looking at still has someone else's name on it, and, umm, we can't allow you to move there, because of a loophole in someone's lease, they are letting someone else take over their lease and live here for the remainder of the previous residents' tenancy."

WHAT?!? Are you serious? And so, what do they do? They say again in short, "We do have another apartment, but it's just down the street where you are at, it faces north, but it is up on the second floor, and they are not going to be out of the unit until September 13th, but hey, we'll let you move in without penalty."

That afternoon, I had a discussion with the leasing manager, and she explained the situation, but I was still very frustrated on this virtual "Oopsy!" that they didn't care to mention when the unit came available. They offered no solace, no apology. They just didn't want me to be there, and they figured, "We'll just give this guy another apartment so that he will stop with the complaints about the heat."

In the words of Charlie Brown, "AUUGGHH!"

I went through the Pro's and Con's about the situation with help of a friend from church, here they are:

PROS: North facing, possibly cooler.
CONS: Can't see it until September 13th at the earliest, are there issues with the neighbors, more rent, transferring all utilities again, transferring mail again.

As you can see, the Con's win, and I'm having to live with it.

I'm stuck with this apartment for another year, with an increase of rent of $30.00 per month effective September 1, 2016, as I will be heading over to the management office this afternoon and sign my life away for another year of tenancy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.



Changed the WebCammunity...

Good afternoon, thanks for stopping by!

Made some changes to the WebCammunity, including sending away the Bogus Basin Cam (secured connection) and the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Northern Idaho, and replaced with the camera from the currently being built Jack's Urban Meeting Place, or JUMP, which is in Downtown Boise.  This is a unique place being dedicated by the owner of Sinplot, JR Simplot, as a place for meetings and having fun..

Also, I added two webcams connected with the National Weather Service in Boise, near the Airport.

If you have any webcams that I can share, please send them along, that would be awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend, take care..



Happy 2016!

Welcome to 2016! I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead.